Sunday, September 27th 2020

Welcome to the Saint Paul Institute Alumni Association!

 CONGRATIONS on Your success and achievement in your study and career. 


The Saint Paul Institute Alumni Association is YOUR community. Whether you are a recent graduate or a long-time of Institute, the Alumni Association is your front door to connecting with your friends, with your alumni network to almost thousands of students and growing.


This network is keeping strong connection with information, friendship, sharing and encouragement to each other specially to link with our Saint Paul Institute.


Welcome to the alumni family !


Recent Event for Alumni "Saint Paul Institute Festival"


Academic Year: 2012-2016

Agronomy 3th Generation

 Agronomy 3rd Generation

 Infomation Technology 4th Generation


 English Literature 3rd Generation

 Tourism Management 3rd Generation



Academic Year: 2013-2017

 Agronomy 4th Generation

 Information Technology 5th Generation


 English Literature 4th Generation

 Tourism Management 4th Generation


 Social Work 1rst Generation

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