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St. Paul Institute (SPI) was established in 2009 in the middle of the rice field in Tramkok District, Takeo province where is located 64km away from Phnom Penh city along National Road Number 3. In that area, most people, both adults and the young people, were farmers or they had to engage in manual labour to earn a living. Hence, most of them had not had the chance to receive education. Even if they had, they could not afford to buy any books. Moreover, with limited knowledge, they did not know how to do research or obtain resources to gain more knowledge. Another issue was electricity. Back in 2009, power cut was common and internet was unavailable. Despite all these, the owner and the founder of SPI established a library inside the SPI campus with the objective to provide a proper place for the people in this area to read. Most importantly, it encouraged people to read.

Over the past 10 years, the society has changed.  Technology has also advanced. People living in remote places start to realize that reading books and possessing knowledge are important.  Noticing the changes, SPI library installed a new system and decided to provide the service to a wider audience. This investment aimed to provide the right place for people who thirst for knowledge, whether they are SPI students or the public.  The library is open from Monday to Friday during school office hours.  It is free for the public to come inside the library to read. The whole concept is to provide books for the students and the public to read to increase their knowledge, moral values and wisdom.



Background of SPI’s library

SPI’s library was established in 2009. It is 1000 square meters with two big computer rooms. It has two floors. Apart from the two big computer rooms, we also have one discussion room and an open space with numerous books covering different genres.  Desks, chairs and air conditioners, fresh air area are also available.  The library is spacious.   It is one of the biggest in the community as well as in Takeo province. It is open to all students, staffs, professors, high school students and people in the region to read.  The purpose of the library is to help these people to increase their knowledge and provides a space for doing research.

Currently (2019), SPI library has 12,482 books.  Every day, we have 30 to 40 students visiting the library during the academic year. In the library, our collection is based on the courses we offer in SPI which include Information Technology, Tourism Management, English Literature, Social Work and Agronomy.  Particularly, we add more to our collection which will be related to general knowledge, new technology, social issues, history, literature, and Khmer studies. Furthermore, SPI library subscribes health newspapers, magazines, educational DVDs and CDs. We also have desktop computers with access to the internet.   Books in SPI library are in Khmer and English.

SPI Library condition
    • - A large building and a quiet environment
    • - There are more than 12,482 books, available with Khmer and English language
    • - The computer LAB for students with air conditional and Internet connection.
    • - A best speed of WiFi for students to access with their own computers or mobile phones
    • - E-Library for students to searching for available books and borrow books in computers
    • - The comfort table for students to read the book in groups and individually  


SPI library located and accessible

The SPI Library is located in Angkorki Village, Tapam Commune, Tramkok District, Takeo Province (inside the campus of Saint Paul Institute).

The library will be opened every workday from Monday to Friday and will be closed during official Holidays.

Open hour will be from 7:30 am to 11:30 am and 13:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

  •  ♦ SPI library access
    • - All staffs and registered students of SPI are members of the library.
    • - There will be an official membership card that will be issued.
    • - Member must bring the library membership card whenever they visit the library.



    • • Must have a membership card that provided by institute or Khmer Identity Card
    • • Registered in the PMB list
    • • Books are allowed to borrow only for one week
    • • The borrower can borrow only 3 books at one time
    • • A FINE of 500 riels per day will be charged for every OVERDUE book
    • • In case a lost or damaged book, it must be paid according to the book’s price

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