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Since 16th March 2020, after Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) of Cambodia announced to close all level of school in the whole of Cambodia to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). It is certainly leading everyone to concentrate on the potential academic impacts of having to deliver classes online with new technology (Distance and E-Learning).


If we are looking further in the world currently, almost 90 percent of the world’s students are now affected by nationwide school closures that’s more than 1.5 billion children and young people are facing. Most of them are doing class online and stay at home both students and teachers (WHO report in April, 2020).


Saint Paul Institute-SPI, is going to start Online Class (Distance and E-Learning) for SPI’s student from 4th May to 30th June, 2020 for the first step in second semester of academic year 2020.


We, SPI’s committee decided to have two main programs and other support programs to conduct online class (Distance and E-Learning) for SPI;


1)-Main Program (officially use for SPI)

     a) Zoom

     b) Google Classroom

     For main programs are going to use for Video conference, Live and set up system for both teachers and students. In these main programs are contain in Learning System Management (LSM) with lesson, slide presentations, reflection questions, homework or assignment and student forum.


2)-Support Program

     a) Telegram

     b) FB Messenger

     c) WhatsApp (optional)

     For support programs are subsistence level that teacher can create a group for their students in order to keep information or alert base on convenient App or program.



1). Announcement Letter:


2). Concept Note for Distance and E-learning

              ⇒ Please click here to download as PDF


3). Warning Letter for Lecturer

           ⇒ Please click here to download as PDF


4). Warning Letter for Student

              ⇒ Please click here to download as PDF


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