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The Fifth of the Exchange Program between Saint Paul Institute and The University of Notre Dame Australia

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  • January 23, 2020

A fifth of the Exchange Program of students in Saint Paul Institute(SPI) and The University of Notre Dame Australia (UNDA) held successfully under the best cooperation between these two institutions (SPI and UNDA). This program started from 3rd to 17th January 2020. This year there are 21 Australian students and 2 professors who come from the UNDA. We also selected 46 students of SPI to join this program.

This Exchange Program aims to enhance the mutual understanding of Cambodian and Australian culture. During those two weeks, we have discussed different topics such as history, politics, religion, environment, education, tourism, multiculturalism, agriculture, and social issues. It is a great opportunity for us all as leaders, lecturers, coordinators, staff, and students of SPI to share experiences, knowledge, and talent with Australian students. At the weekend we had a tour trip to Kirirom National Park where we had fun and built a closer relationship.

Even though this program took just two-week long but it provided us with good memories and learning new things. It inspires our leadership roles, responsibility, strong initiative, unity, cooperation, communication during the entire exchange program. Moreover, we can learn about the Australian lifestyle, cultures and so on. We and our students are appreciated much with this program. We are very pleased and honored that our bond and partnerships are strongly cemented and we hope this program is held every year.

On behalf of students in SPI, we would like to thank Australian students and professors for taking a long journey to come here and sharing with us.

We would like to thank all lecture, staff, and students of SPI who attended this program with responsibility and very strong commitment.

Especially, we would like to express our profound gratitude to the University of Notre Dame Australia and Saint Paul Institute for this meaningful and fruitful Exchange Program. It is a conducive opportunity for us so as to build our capability, bolster mutual understanding and shared values, and sharpen our life-long learning and intellectual development.

For the future collaboration, we had continued the MoU between SPI and UNDA for next 5 years. We are committed to join hands in order to develop our relationship by sending 4 students and a staff from SPI to visit UNDA in this year. And we are still welcome for more students from UNDA to be a volunteer in SPI.

Thank you very much with love!

















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