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The thesis defense of the Bachelor's Students at Saint Paul Institute(SPI) on 25th to 28th of January 2021.

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  • February 15, 2022

Quality education and morality of students is a major priority at Saint Paul Institute (SPI) as a Catholic higher education institution in Cambodia. The number of graduate students to pursue their higher education is increasing by years; that SPI always provided a good quality for them since the first step to enter SPI. In the meantime, almost one week of defending their thesis from 25th to 28th of January 2022, was the time for SPIs students to present their research from Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Information Technology, Department of English, and Department of Social Work. The evaluation and assessment of their research presentation outcome were given by SPIs committee and representatives from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Cambodia (MoEYS).

SPI would like to express our gratitude to all committee members and representatives from MoEYS and also congratulations to all students who passed the defend for their graduation. SPIs graduate students contribute to the development of Cambodia society with love and compassion.







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