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Saint Paul Institute (SPI) hosted a seminar on "Critical Thinking" both on-campus and via the ZOOM platform On March 14, 2023,

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  • March 14, 2023

On March 14, 2023, Saint Paul Institute (SPI) hosted a seminar on "Critical Thinking" both on-campus and via the ZOOM platform.

The seminar was attended as an honored guest speaker by Venerable San Sochea and Rev. Fr. Will Conquer, Coordinator of the local Wikipedia website in Khmer, and was directly attended by more than 170 people as staff, students, and also on the ZOOM platform.

Mr. Phon Sophal, Director of Saint Paul Institute, also gave a speech and introduced the purpose of the overall program including:
- Decision-making for good relationships, personal growth, virtues, morals, and law
- Make the finest and most accurate decision possible
- accountability for decision

Venerable San Sochea also presented the meaning of "Critical Thinking" which emphasizes moral judgment, abstinence, nonviolence, and non-harassment of other people's choices.
Then Rev. Fr. Will explained how to think, reason, and grow based on knowledge, belief, and science, as well as how to have a firm foundation for making judgments in all circumstances.
Finally, we have a Q&A session where we get a lot of topic-related questions, in-depth explanations from the presenters, and extra feedback from both institute and ZOOM participants.

The session came to a successful conclusion with the participants feeling satisfied and having learned new things. Saint Paul Institute is happy to witness the positive effects of providing our students with relevant information, giving them the foundation to think about and make the best choice both now and in the future.





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